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Our vision is to open up the world of possibility to anyone and everyone through magic. Showing others that anything is possible if you are open to it, and teaching people how to use magic to then create that same feeling in others is our passion. Learning magic is a powerful, unique skill as well as a great hobby.

Encyclopedia of
Magic aims to not only
provide you with a strong
foundation in magic, but also a
strong foundation in life. Magic has
changed our lives in every way
possible and we strive to help
others achieve long lasting,
positive change.

I used to think that magic was only for kids, but not anymore.

What I realised is that magic is just so dynamic you can use it in business and everyday life! -George Lipinski

I’m joining for another term with the boys.

I joined EOMs course online and their workshops, I have to say I am really impressed. -Matthew Ditching

It is possible for all of us to learn it!

It was lovely to revisit magic years after seeing it as a child. I would totally recommend this to anyone! -Raisa Tolia

An awesome idea, we got it for our staff to access.

They could learn magic to use as an ice breaker at networking functions and to help build confidence -Chris Hooper

At school my friends always tell me to show them tricks.

I love the way EOM teaches, it is really detailed and clear, so much better than learning from books! -William McDonald

It was just so fun, I love how the guys deliver the magic!

I have never had any experience with magic before and it was just mind blowing! -Steve Wang

I really felt like I started to see progress in self development!

I really didn't think magic would work for me, but after working with these guys I really feel that it has! -Sarah Clark-Smith

It’s a fantastic hobby! I am just hooked now!

I have always enjoyed it as a kid but never learnt anything because I simply didn't know where to start! -Michael Wilczynski

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Rather a mind open by wonder, than one closed by belief